Content R&D

If you’ve arrived here and don’t know what this is , WHOOPS! This is simply a content research and design site for THE CRITICAL NETWORK.


The critical network will be launched on Monday March 1st at 11AM Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time.

The critical network is a revolutionary new system designed to aggregate, integrate and facilitate the best of the internet.

Keep your eyes peeled.

If you want to GET INVOLVED in the creation, maintenance, support or advertising of TCN contact the CEO at

  • GET IN QUICK, limited spaces are available
  • The FIBD (First in best dressed) discount for staff is 100% You will have LIFETIME free Platinum Membership to TCN
  • As TCN grows the subscription price will grow with it. We estimate that the  first 10 subscribers after launch will be charged $9.95/mo for platinum life membership.

The first 2500 platinum members will get discounts depending when they join. There will only be 10,000 platinum subscriptions available worldwide. After all 10,000 are filled diamond will be the highest subscription level available, at least until such point that someones plat. membership will expire.

  • PLATINUM TIER PRIME: 10-30 will be $19.95/mo (Platinum)
  • PT10 31-50 will be $29.95/mo (Platinum)
  • PT9 51-100 will be $49.95/mo (Platinum)
  • PT8 101-150 will be $79.95/mo (Platinum)
  • PT7 151-200 will be $99.95/mo (Platinum)
  • PT6 201-250 will be $249.95/mo
  • PT5 251-500 will be $499.95/mo
  • PT4 501-800 will be $999.95/mo
  • PT3 801-1,000 will be $1499.95/mo
  • PT2 1001-2500 will be $1999.95/mo
  • PT1 2501-10000 will charged at regular price ($4999.95/mo)

Further discounts apply (all members all levels):

Pay per month: 0% (No discount)

Pay every 3 months: 5%

Pay every 6 months: 10%

Pay yearly: 20%

Pay every 3 years: 25%

Pay every 5 years: 30%

Pay every 10 years: 40%

Life time membership discount: 50% -> FREE after 15 years.


The biggest discount (money wise) would be a PT1 pay per month member. At that price for example, 20 year membership would cost a total of:


If this same member instead opted for a life time membership they would only be charged: (15 years * $59,999.40 * 0.5) = $449,995. 37.5% of the original price or a discount of 62.5%!


Membership Levels:


– Can read all non locked content
– Can post unlimited comments (moderated)
– Can vote for articles


  • 9.95/Mo
  • All Free +
  • Can read content up to (and including) starter-lock
  • Can submit 1 article per month
  • Article can have 1 single text link of members choosing (can be advertisement but must be approved)
  • Can upload article related pictures
  • Can format text in own comments (moderated)
  • Can vote for articles and comments


  • 19.95/mo
  • All Free + Starter +
  • Can read up (and including) to Bronze-lock
  • Can submit 4 articles a month (max 1 per week)
  • Article may have 1 link but may be a banner ad (must be approved)
  • Can format text in both article and comments (moderated)
  • Can upload and display article related material including videos (moderated)
  • Becomes an affiliate of TCN. Earns 10% of TCN subscription referral









Content R&D